Diversity & Inclusion Policy


Improving the diversity of talent across our digital sector has a critical role to play in future proofing our industry and ensuring the cultural relevance and cultural impact of the work produced.

The part we at PACT aim to play in delivering this improvement is based on the action we can take.

We are committed to:

Only partnering companies who believe in diversity in talent acquisition as an action not just an intent, and who promote an inclusive culture.

Ensuring our response to every brief we handle reflects our commitment to diversity, inclusion and quality.

Advocating for pay equality: educating and guiding our clients, counselling our candidates, advising industry bodies

Equality of opportunity: introducing the talent we represent to our clients not just on the basis of their skills and current experience, but also with demonstrable and outstanding potential in mind.

Continually educating ourselves through training on how to avoid bias and through open and honest dialogue; and through fostering a working environment that promotes dignity and respect for every partner.

Zero tolerance towards any form of intimidation, bullying or harassment – within our own company, from the talent we represent and the companies we work with.